Giro – specialized in interior designs and furniture

Giro Agencement is a french company specialized in interior designs and furniture, lets take a look.

Commercial design for big shops (Meubles de Magasin):


Spectacular interior design for small shops (boutiques) :


Furniture and interior design for beauty saloons (meubles pour le salon de coiffure):


Reception desks (awesome!):


Restaurant Design :


Apartment Design (meubles pour un appartement):


About Giro Agencement:

We have been specialized for 50 years in the interior design (Boutiques, Hotels, Hospitals, Apartments, Museums, Banks, Airports) as well as the layout of department stores (Galeries Lafayettes, Printemps, BHV).

We work in France and internationally (Europe, Russia, Maghreb, Polynesia). We have the best equipment and know-how to work with all types of materials and meet the most demanding and innovative demands.

We shape wood, metal, glass, composite materials and can offer various finishes ranging from sanding, microbilling, lacquering, polishing, chrome plating, varnishing, epoxy painting or water. Our company is located in Seine-et-Marne (77) 50km east of Paris on a surface of 5000m2. Our customers are our best advertisement. We are waiting for you.

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